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Charge air cooler

A high quality charge air cooler is very important for main engine operation with high efficient performance. At the beginning of entrepreneur, charge air cooler is one of Elite Marine core products, we try our best to satisfy customer all strict demand through our innovative design, superb technology and professional manufacturing process. We have a reliable and huge inventory level for the tubesheet, tubes and fin strips materials at its warehouse enabling a quick delivery meeting customers’ tight schedule for replacement.

        ● High quality charge air cooler is benefit to engine for optimum power of combustion process;
        ● Our broad experiental technicians design & provides all key processes, and produce high quality air cooler with all support;
        ● We can attend on board to survey the necessary technical parameters of your cooler if possible;
        ● We also provide ultrasonic cleaning to improve your cooler’s performance.

Heat exchanger

As a leading manufacturer of heat exchanger & components, Elite Marine aim to offer each customer the optimized production & solution, we have own standards include different material combinations like copper, aluminium, Cu-Ni, stainless-steel as well as titanium.. with our quality systems and certifications, Elite Marine can support the most special heat exchanger. With access to all type of heat exchanger and components, we have grown to become a one-stop shop for all your heat exchanger needs & comprehensive all round service.

        ● We provide exactly customized solution in the field of heat transfer;
        ● Our heat exchangers are able to meet the stringent requirements of any certification party;
        ● We can attend on board to survey the necessary technical parameters if possible;
        ● We provide heat exchanger cooling tubes eddy current thickness measurement.

Marine boiler repairs

Elite Marine Service carry out several boiler repairs each month all over the world, the group has accomplished various types boiler repairs and related systems As a professional marine boiler repairs company, Elite Marine is one of the priority considered acceptable & recommended service team by Lloyd’s register. We have access to an excellent 、long-term and loyal workforce that consistently specialize in variety marine boiler repairs ,All of our welders are qualified by Classification Society.

        ● Full equipments for fabrication of all types of boiler/E.G.E tubes
        ● Boiler inspections: damage reports cost estimatets full boiler surveys
        ● 24 hours emergency repairs service, supervisors and repairs team available
        ● Highly skilled and experienced teams and certified welders on board
        ● Work according to standards of all classification society
        ● Marine boilers repair at main dock yards and ports world wide